Clash of Clans base layouts

Clash of Clans is extremely complicated game if you do not know how to play. One of the most important aspects of the game is creating a good layout for your base. That is so important because or other elements are depending upon this decision, it is actually a base for all your towers and other defensive structures. In this short guide we will present you some of the most common base layouts.

Before we present basic layouts one important tip is that you should upgrade your walls to the highest available level. This is important because it will look that your base is very difficult to conquer.If you are in a lack of resources, check Clash of clans triche telecharger and recharge your storage. So, whatever base layout you choose, be sure to upgrade your walls with the highest possible level. Okay, here are basic Clash of Clans base layouts!

The Primary base
The primary or we may say the standard base is the base where defenses and storages are all placed within the walls and barracks, mines, extractors and army camp are placed outside of the walls. That is the basic layout. Those structures are divided by a single wall. A standard base is very weak. The Giants or to a mass goblin assault. If they manage to take down your wall they can steal your resources very fast or destroy the rest of your base. This is basic base layout mostly used by new players.

Town Hall centered base
If you place your Town Hall in the center it is so called “Pocketed base”. You can place all other defensive structures around your Town Hall and every tower should be protected with walls. This layout is extremely good against Giants because they will attack walls while your Towers will shot them. If you choose this layout keep your defenses together within range of each other to gain significant synergy. For example, your Archer Tower should be within the range of your Mortar to gain additional protection. There is also the larger version of this base where each pocket have several structures. It is much more efficient than the simple pocketed base because it allows the more buildings to be placed within the walls. One of the common layouts is the 3 pocket base and we suggest this base layout as extremely useful.

The extra protected Base
Extra protected base is a base that concentrates on placing unnecessary buildings outside the walls and placing important ones within the walls. Extras walls that is gained with this layout are used for additional defense in different sections that gives greater protection. You can protect vital structures with extra layer of walls. They are some extreme versions of this base layout that protects only Town Hall with multiply layouts of walls.

Two group base
One of the most common base layouts is two groups or the split base. The idea behind this layout is to place your defensive structures into two separate groups with Town Hall and Resource Storage between them. In this layout your defenses should be able to protect each other this base is very vulnerable to Giants .

Secret Clash of Clans Tips

Clash of Clans is indeed great the game, but it is also a complex game. You players may be puzzled with many things like what should they upgrade first, or how to organize their base. We are presenting you secret Clash of Clans Tips that will help you to make further steps in successful gameplay.

1. Cheap units

There are many units in the game, from weak Archers do Giants. What should be priority in building your Army? As a rule you should always calculate the cost of your units that you are using in battle. Would you place low cost barbarians or you will go with expensive Giants? You should also consider a time that is needed for one unit to be produced. For our example Wizards are great units, stronger than archers, but you must consider that it will take much longer for them to be produced. You can make four archers while you will produce just one Wizard. Our recommendation is to go with cheap units rather than to make Army of expensive units like Giants and dragons.

2. Gems and how to save them

Gems are in fact the currancy of the game. If you do not have enough gems you will not be able to upgrade your units or build structures in order to be efficient. At the beginning of Clash of Clans you will get a decent sum of gems, 500 in total. Tutorial will instruct you to use those gems to speed up building time, but instead of spending them you should save those gems. You should use your saved gems to buy additional builders and you can add second builder for a cost of 250 gems, while for third builder you will pay 500 gems. If you save your gems you will be able to have three builders whery. Those extra builders will help you to be much more productive and construct much more buildings in a short period of time.If you still do not have enough gems, try to get some by clash of clans hack or similar online solutions.

3. Do not use Spells so often

Well, we do not mean that you should do not use spells entirely. You should use your spells when it is necessary becomes they are very expensive and just like units, it will require some time to be produced. It is a fact that spells can be very efficient just make sure that you are using them in crucial moments. For example, Rage spell may coast 23,000 elixir and that is quite high cost.Therefore you should have a good strategy and use your precious spells only in critical moments.

Welcome to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

Disney cartoons and Square-Enix RPGs? Welcome to the world of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX! It is a example of what HD collections should be like. It takes the franchise to the next level with its new features on PS4.

The game offers lot of of new content, along with beautiful audio and visual upgrades. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX is ideal for veteran and new players alike as it keeps the magic that made previous games great. Simply put ,Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is decent set of games that any fann of RPG games must have in a collection. While both Kingdom Hearts games are improved play in their ReMIX versions, this game looks like a completely new experience. The HD version of this game will allow you to enjoy the game like never before. If you want a challenge choose a Critical mode where almost everything can kill you in 1-2 hit. To survive, you must master usage of spells, limits and summons. The further in you go in your adventure the stranger adventure gets, as well as struggle of your characters to conquer the darkness in people’s hearts.

Players might found that Kingdom Hearts 2 is too easy, and the ReMIX version remedies this with the addition of the new Critical Mode difficulty. Old-timer gamers will enjoy in playing this mode, but won’t have much trouble. The only visual downside is slight frame-rate drops in Birth by Sleep, particularly during cutscenes when the camera is panning.

The combat in Kingdom Hearts 2 is filled with various attacks and dodges that you will improve as you level up. It relies on magic points and special attacks with cool down period important for modern RPGs or MOBA games. You will need to manage your recharging skills on many ways and that will be challenging and interesting mix of strategy and planning. loads of content to play through. Locking on to enemies is a little bit inconsistent that is rotating your view in close-quarters battles But outside that, the interesting characters, fun battle system, and nice story will dive you deep in a world of Kingdom Hearts. So, get free psn codes and dive yourself in a world of Kingdom Hearts.
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix contains the best versions of two of the best games in the series, with improved graphics and music. This package is a great present for any serious gamer and you will enjoy for sure in this unique gaming experience.

Successful defense from corners

We are giving you short tutorial on what you can do to improve your chances of keeping the ball out of the net or a successful defense tutorial!

First defend your corner

First concentrate on defending the corner and to get the ball back. If your opponent uses a short corner tactic don’t run towards the ball but keep your most effective defenders in the box and apply pressure with some player. The best is to direct the opponent towards the edge and hold position as a barrier. It’s too risky to rush with a keeper defending corners as you can never be sure you’ll get to the ball.

Then get some assistance!

Next thing that you would like to do is to Open Menu and have a look at your Gameplay Assistance Settings so you can choose if you want the game to help you with player assistance. When the ball is on the ground you will control especially when defending crosses or corners. This means the AI will automatically give you control over the closest player. This is most effective setting for dealing with corners and it’s great for defending through balls. Then take manual control of your player and this will often be your tallest defender. You’ll typically get only a few seconds to select the player, so you’ve got to be quick.

If you do not have a good player, and you are in need of some extra gold to purchase a good player for this role use fifa 15 coin generator to attain suitable player.

Marking is very important

FIFA 15 DEMO Kick Off 0-2 CHE V MCI, 2nd HalfIf you notice that opponent is taking extra time to aim corners go for the man marking method. If you can spot the attacker with the biggest aerial threat and get your tallest player close to them and prevent action. If you do go for the man marking method keep in mind that you always need to stay between the attacker and goal. The alternative to this strategy is to select your most appropriate player and positioning him to cover the danger areas. If you have a tall defender you should find you’re often able to clear the ball by taking up a position in dangerous areas. This is a good strategy to defend your first corner, so you’ll be prepared. It’s a good idea to stick with it if no opposing player really stands out as the aerial threat.
By applying tips given in this short tutorial you will be able to maximize your defensive FIFA 15 strategy.

Elixir Units in Clash of Clans

Elixir is extremely important because there are many strong units that you may use in order to secure your supremacy in a game. Clash of clans hack tool can be used to get unlimitted elixirs and gems. If you invest your time and build your strategy around such units, you will create great advantage. There are 5 elixir units that you would like to upgrade:
Balloons are very slow moving air objects that will drop bombs on troops and buildings. The bombs will deal slash damage on the ground units and easily destroy hordes of Goblins or Barbarians. It can be taken down very easily by air defenses, so your prime motive should be to destroy such defenses. Even after balloon is destroyed it will explode and deal additional splash damage.
Wizards will attack both ground and air targets with devastating splash damage. It occupies 4 space in a camp and you will need 8 minutes to train a wizard. Best strategy is to group wizards with several other units and destruction may begin. The Wizards are just like the Archers and can attack over walls. The Wizard does not have much health, so good idea is to use Giants as shield for protection.
Healers will keep your units in good shape! They will protect and assist your troops. Healers are air based units, so you will need to protect them from dangerous air defenses. Healers occupies 14 spaces in the camp and you will need 15 minutes to train a unit.
Ah, mighty Dragons! If you choose to focus your attack by primary use of Dragons you will have certain advantaged because they cost no dark elixir. Dragons have huge amount of health and great attack power. If you use dragons, walls are no problem anymore. Here is another side of a coin – they are very expensive and vulnerable to air defense. You will need 30 minutes to train one Dragon and it will occupy 20spaces in your camp.
What a strange name for a unit and what a great unit! P.E.K.K.A is the last unlockable troop in the standard Barracks withstrongest armor of any of the elixir-based troops. P.E.K.K.A dealshighest damage of any normal unit in the game and you should use this advantage. From other sideit is s also the most expensive elixir troop. It occupies 25 spaces in camp and you will need 45 minutes to train one unit.
These are 5 elixir units available in Clash of Clans. Combine them with other units and make your unique winning strategy.

iPad vs Nexus for Games


Gaming is a daily activity done in order to
relieve someone or as a hobby. Having the best and fast gadget becomes most
enjoyable. Let’s compare iPad vs Nexus for Games. The all new ipad Air is
fundamentally lighter and more slender than its past era partner, now touting a
weight of only one pound and a thickness of just 7.5mm.

Because of Apple’s discharge calendar, it’s
evident that Google’s Nexus 7 second era will be marked down for a decent while
whilst the ipad Air is additionally accessible for procurement. Hence, we chose
to set Apple’s most current tablet against the Nexus 7 (2013) that Google
brings to the table. In the feature beneath you’ll discover gaming, benchmarks,
booting execution and web program examinations.

When you compare iPad vs Nexus for Games, you’ll
note that ipad Air is quick. All things considered, the Nexus 7 stays aware of
no issue, just falling behind in a couple of tests by an exceptionally minor
sum. Considering that the Nexus 7 retails for $229 (standard) contrasted with
the ipad Air’s $499 sticker for the benchmark version that is really in

We’re arriving at the point where the rate of
gadgets will be uniform, enhancements insignificant, and execution blisteringly
snappy. Considering this current, it’s amazingly critical that you pick the
right stage for your prerequisites and needs. As I would see it, this is
presently the principle decision for anybody purchasing a tablet in the current
business sector. As having a tablet which controls through applications,
crushes pages and shouts through its working framework is getting to be more
standard, it’s vital to guarantee the tablet itself, and the App Store that
accompanies it, can fit your needs as a client.

Through my testing of these gadgets, one of the
ranges I’ve been most disillusioned with at present, additionally hopeful for
what’s to come, is the new A7 chip from Apple with 64-bit combination. Whilst
64-bit structural engineering doesn’t act like numerous preferences as it may
for a desktop machine with in excess of 4gb of RAM to the ipad Air, there are
doubtlessly a couple of things it will help with.

One of the fundamental points of interest being
gaming execution, implying that additionally requesting diversions can be
planned particularly for the ipad Air that would not be conceivable on the
Nexus 7 second era. We are seeing not very many engineers exploit this new
equipment displayed by Apple, yet that is something we will probably see
changing within a short duration.