4 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

As Instagram is becoming increasingly popular with each minute passing by, people are starting to ask themselves,” How to use this platform to my advantage?” While most people use Instagram to promote their brand, build community or create a loyal audience other use it to make money!

This is possible although it isn’t easy as some people suggest it is. This is why we created this guide to help you understand how to use Instagram to make real money. Follow these steps and start making money out of your photos instead of just piling likes and adding followers to your account.

Create and sell your own products

Start by signing up for a fulfillment service. I usually like to use The Printful. Personally, I think that they provide the best customer service, products, and prices. Once you’re there, choose items from their list that you want to sell. There is a variety of mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, pillows and much more.


Download their design for the desired product for the best results. Start promoting your product on Instagram! Printful will take the percentage of the profit once you sell your fist item. And there you have it, you’ve made your first few bucks on Instagram!

Sell your favorite products by becoming an affiliate

If you are a member of fashion community and have an account where you talk with your friends about famous brands and products you should sign up for an affiliate program to get a commission. Browse for your favorite website, apply and wait for approval.

Once you’re ready to start chose photos, they will provide and promote their brands on Instagram. The best approach is to wear them yourself. So do a couple of photo sessions where you try them out. Edit your bio and associate yourself with the desired brand, expand your portfolio to make yourself a lifetime fan of those brands.

Create a course or a small eBook

We all know a bit more about a certain topic than others. Why not use this knowledge and make money out of it? You can become a life coach, and solve popular problems that your followers have. Fist, find out what are the most common problem to target the specific audience.

Once you have a fair number of “customers” start selling them your tips by creating a guide that will solve their problems. Another way to use your knowledge is to write an eBook and with the principle create a guide to selling and promote on Instagram.

Advertise and Promote

If you have an engaged audience you can sell your influence by promoting company products and brands. Becoming popular on social media networks has benefits and now you can earn money only because you have a high number of followers. If you do not have a large number of fans, consider getting real instagram followers for free on websites that offer them in their daily giveaways.

Adjust you bio to help people understand that you are associated with that company and their brand. This is by far the easiest way to earn cash on Instagram and all you have to do are mention some important brands in your posts.