Clash of Clans base layouts

Clash of Clans is extremely complicated game if you do not know how to play. One of the most important aspects of the game is creating a good layout for your base. That is so important because or other elements are depending upon this decision, it is actually a base for all your towers and other defensive structures. In this short guide we will present you some of the most common base layouts.

Before we present basic layouts one important tip is that you should upgrade your walls to the highest available level. This is important because it will look that your base is very difficult to conquer.If you are in a lack of resources, check Clash of clans triche telecharger and recharge your storage. So, whatever base layout you choose, be sure to upgrade your walls with the highest possible level. Okay, here are basic Clash of Clans base layouts!

The Primary base
The primary or we may say the standard base is the base where defenses and storages are all placed within the walls and barracks, mines, extractors and army camp are placed outside of the walls. That is the basic layout. Those structures are divided by a single wall. A standard base is very weak. The Giants or to a mass goblin assault. If they manage to take down your wall they can steal your resources very fast or destroy the rest of your base. This is basic base layout mostly used by new players.

Town Hall centered base
If you place your Town Hall in the center it is so called “Pocketed base”. You can place all other defensive structures around your Town Hall and every tower should be protected with walls. This layout is extremely good against Giants because they will attack walls while your Towers will shot them. If you choose this layout keep your defenses together within range of each other to gain significant synergy. For example, your Archer Tower should be within the range of your Mortar to gain additional protection. There is also the larger version of this base where each pocket have several structures. It is much more efficient than the simple pocketed base because it allows the more buildings to be placed within the walls. One of the common layouts is the 3 pocket base and we suggest this base layout as extremely useful.

The extra protected Base
Extra protected base is a base that concentrates on placing unnecessary buildings outside the walls and placing important ones within the walls. Extras walls that is gained with this layout are used for additional defense in different sections that gives greater protection. You can protect vital structures with extra layer of walls. They are some extreme versions of this base layout that protects only Town Hall with multiply layouts of walls.

Two group base
One of the most common base layouts is two groups or the split base. The idea behind this layout is to place your defensive structures into two separate groups with Town Hall and Resource Storage between them. In this layout your defenses should be able to protect each other this base is very vulnerable to Giants .