Clash of Clans hidden tips

Clash of Clans is extremely popular strategy game that you can play for free on your IOS aor Android device like smart phone or tablet. There are literally millions of Clash of Clans players and the number of players are increasing every day, while many of players uses clash of clans triche or simmilar online tips and tricks. The goal of the game is a very simple you should build your base, defend it from your opponents and attack other players to gain their resources.

To create the successful defense of your base you will need to upgrade your structures like Wizard and Archer Towers, and for attacking you must train different units and organize your strategy. As this game is becoming more and more people were players are looking for the raise how they can maximize their gains and minimize their lose. We collected several very useful tips that will help you in your Clash of Clans adventure.
First of all, pay special attention to your gems. You should spend your gems of very wisely on some specific upgrades and structures. The best possible usage of your tutorial gems is the save them and buy additional builder’s huts. So, save every gem to get all four builder’s huts as soon as possible. That will improve every other aspect of the game because you will be able to build much faster. For third hut you will need 500 gems and for the last one you will need 1000 gems.

If you need to collect some additional gems you should clear your village, trees and bushes, or you can try to complete several achievements that will provide you with significant sum of gems as reward. Next very important thing is to construct Clan Castle as soon as it is possible, because that will allow you to join a clan and get some additional help. You can get on this way 30 additional units from your team mates and that is great help for your defense. Upgrade your Clan Castle, it will increase the capacity and the number of available units. Pay special attention to your walls, as they are very important structure for early stages of the game. Try to make strong defense by placing traps like spring traps and bombs. Also do not hesitate to visit the different forums for base layouts that you can apply in your defense.

You should always keep your trophies around 1400 if you want to raid big the amount of resources from your opponents. Later in the game you can increase the number of trophies as your troops will become much more stronger, so you can find against stronger opponents.