Elixir Units in Clash of Clans

Elixir is extremely important because there are many strong units that you may use in order to secure your supremacy in a game. Clash of clans hack tool can be used to get unlimitted elixirs and gems. If you invest your time and build your strategy around such units, you will create great advantage. There are 5 elixir units that you would like to upgrade:
Balloons are very slow moving air objects that will drop bombs on troops and buildings. The bombs will deal slash damage on the ground units and easily destroy hordes of Goblins or Barbarians. It can be taken down very easily by air defenses, so your prime motive should be to destroy such defenses. Even after balloon is destroyed it will explode and deal additional splash damage.
Wizards will attack both ground and air targets with devastating splash damage. It occupies 4 space in a camp and you will need 8 minutes to train a wizard. Best strategy is to group wizards with several other units and destruction may begin. The Wizards are just like the Archers and can attack over walls. The Wizard does not have much health, so good idea is to use Giants as shield for protection.
Healers will keep your units in good shape! They will protect and assist your troops. Healers are air based units, so you will need to protect them from dangerous air defenses. Healers occupies 14 spaces in the camp and you will need 15 minutes to train a unit.
Ah, mighty Dragons! If you choose to focus your attack by primary use of Dragons you will have certain advantaged because they cost no dark elixir. Dragons have huge amount of health and great attack power. If you use dragons, walls are no problem anymore. Here is another side of a coin – they are very expensive and vulnerable to air defense. You will need 30 minutes to train one Dragon and it will occupy 20spaces in your camp.
What a strange name for a unit and what a great unit! P.E.K.K.A is the last unlockable troop in the standard Barracks withstrongest armor of any of the elixir-based troops. P.E.K.K.A dealshighest damage of any normal unit in the game and you should use this advantage. From other sideit is s also the most expensive elixir troop. It occupies 25 spaces in camp and you will need 45 minutes to train one unit.
These are 5 elixir units available in Clash of Clans. Combine them with other units and make your unique winning strategy.