Pros and Cons of using a PlayStation Network Card

PlayStation Network Store was first introduced in 2006 for the users of Sony PlayStation 3. In the past ten years, a lot has changed. The online store expanded the offer onto the other models which were launched in the meantime, such as PSP, PS4 and Vita. Also, the name of the online store changed and it is now known as Sony Entertainment Network Store. Regardless of the store’s name and the PS console you own, this online store makes it easier to purchase movies, apps and of course – games for Sony PlayStation

One of the primary methods for buying the content from the Sony Entertainment Network Store is by using their card, known among users as PSN Card. Every card is coded and unique, they come in several increments and they can be redeemed on various PS devices. They are certainly one of the most popular choices of PS users, and they come with a range of benefits and several drawbacks.

Let us start with the reasons to buy and use the PSN card. First of all, your personal data are secure with this card, as well as your credit card information. The data on the card are encrypted and safe, and you can use the card for buying only the content from the PlayStation online store. The PSN Cards come in several increments, ranging from $10 to $100, which gives you plenty of options when purchasing the games, apps and movies. Unlike credit cards, where usually a lot more money is contained, these cards contain the approximate sum you need for purchasing the content from the PSN store.psn-card-2

Another benefit is that you can use the PSN Card to purchase the PS content for someone as a gift. You can purchase a game and send the digital code for someone to download it, which is quicker and easier than buying a physical gift card or a CD with a game. Also, if you want to buy the online content for yourself, it is much faster than buying a physical copy, and it is usually cheaper as well. The great thing about PSN vouchers is that there are websites which are giving away free cards on daily basis. Not all of them work but you should search for list of psn codes that work, you will be thrilled when you find the one that works and buy a brand new game for free. There are some games available only in the digital form, which is another advantage of owning a PSN card. It allows you to buy the game when it is published without having to wait for the CD to be released.

my psn cardAlthough PSN Cards have plenty of benefits, there are certain drawbacks as well. First of all, inputting the code you get with the card can be a little troublesome and complicated. This is especially obvious if you use the game pad for this, which is what make some users dislike the card. Another disadvantage is that the card sometimes does not provide you with the amount of money you need for the game you want to buy. For example, if the remaining balance on your card is $4.99 and you want to buy a game for $9.99, you will need to buy another PSN Card with $10 increment.

Fortunately, there are more advantages than disadvantages of using the PSN Card, and if you opt for it, you will definitely not make a mistake.