Secret Clash of Clans Tips

Clash of Clans is indeed great the game, but it is also a complex game. You players may be puzzled with many things like what should they upgrade first, or how to organize their base. We are presenting you secret Clash of Clans Tips that will help you to make further steps in successful gameplay.

1. Cheap units

There are many units in the game, from weak Archers do Giants. What should be priority in building your Army? As a rule you should always calculate the cost of your units that you are using in battle. Would you place low cost barbarians or you will go with expensive Giants? You should also consider a time that is needed for one unit to be produced. For our example Wizards are great units, stronger than archers, but you must consider that it will take much longer for them to be produced. You can make four archers while you will produce just one Wizard. Our recommendation is to go with cheap units rather than to make Army of expensive units like Giants and dragons.

2. Gems and how to save them

Gems are in fact the currancy of the game. If you do not have enough gems you will not be able to upgrade your units or build structures in order to be efficient. At the beginning of Clash of Clans you will get a decent sum of gems, 500 in total. Tutorial will instruct you to use those gems to speed up building time, but instead of spending them you should save those gems. You should use your saved gems to buy additional builders and you can add second builder for a cost of 250 gems, while for third builder you will pay 500 gems. If you save your gems you will be able to have three builders whery. Those extra builders will help you to be much more productive and construct much more buildings in a short period of time.If you still do not have enough gems, try to get some by clash of clans hack or similar online solutions.

3. Do not use Spells so often

Well, we do not mean that you should do not use spells entirely. You should use your spells when it is necessary becomes they are very expensive and just like units, it will require some time to be produced. It is a fact that spells can be very efficient just make sure that you are using them in crucial moments. For example, Rage spell may coast 23,000 elixir and that is quite high cost.Therefore you should have a good strategy and use your precious spells only in critical moments.