Successful defense from corners

We are giving you short tutorial on what you can do to improve your chances of keeping the ball out of the net or a successful defense tutorial!

First defend your corner

First concentrate on defending the corner and to get the ball back. If your opponent uses a short corner tactic don’t run towards the ball but keep your most effective defenders in the box and apply pressure with some player. The best is to direct the opponent towards the edge and hold position as a barrier. It’s too risky to rush with a keeper defending corners as you can never be sure you’ll get to the ball.

Then get some assistance!

Next thing that you would like to do is to Open Menu and have a look at your Gameplay Assistance Settings so you can choose if you want the game to help you with player assistance. When the ball is on the ground you will control especially when defending crosses or corners. This means the AI will automatically give you control over the closest player. This is most effective setting for dealing with corners and it’s great for defending through balls. Then take manual control of your player and this will often be your tallest defender. You’ll typically get only a few seconds to select the player, so you’ve got to be quick.

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Marking is very important

FIFA 15 DEMO Kick Off 0-2 CHE V MCI, 2nd HalfIf you notice that opponent is taking extra time to aim corners go for the man marking method. If you can spot the attacker with the biggest aerial threat and get your tallest player close to them and prevent action. If you do go for the man marking method keep in mind that you always need to stay between the attacker and goal. The alternative to this strategy is to select your most appropriate player and positioning him to cover the danger areas. If you have a tall defender you should find you’re often able to clear the ball by taking up a position in dangerous areas. This is a good strategy to defend your first corner, so you’ll be prepared. It’s a good idea to stick with it if no opposing player really stands out as the aerial threat.
By applying tips given in this short tutorial you will be able to maximize your defensive FIFA 15 strategy.